Get your Space Marine Chapter Enshrined in the Lore!

Space Marines

On second thought who’d actually want to join this technicolour-blind lot?

Greetings all! It’s been an incredibly busy month here in Robbie’s Land. Regular followers will know that it’s still full steam ahead on the subject of my History PhD (as it likely will be for the next three years). On top of that I’m happy to say that after publishing my first pro short story last month, Black Library have given me a slew of fresh projects to work on. No less than three new shorts will be appearing beginning in December and, even more excitingly, I’ve just started work on a novel commission.

At the moment it’s understandably all hush-hush, but suffice to say the characters they’re letting me play with are fan favourites, and it’s an honour to get to write about them.

I don’t think I’ll be breaking any non disclosure forms by admitting, however, that a Space Marine chapter will at least be mentioned over the course of this mystery novel. Which chapter will that be, you 40k aficionados ask? Well, actually, I’ve decided to leave that up to you.

As a bit of fun I thought I’d let folks suggest their own chapter names for the possible prize of being name-dropped in a 40k novel. Unfortunately it’d be just that, a name-drop with no wider background or context, though if you really want to send me all your homebrew lore then feel free. I just can’t promise I’ll read it (believe it or not, writing for the mighty setting that is Warhammer 40,000 actually requires research, even for a fanboy of sixteen years standing such as myself. Between that and PhD readings, my sleep pattern isn’t looking great at the moment).

How will I choose the winning chapter in the possibly unlikely event that I actually get more than one submission? Answer; imma stick them all in a hat (actually a plastic costume-shop picklehaube) and pick one out. No guarantees, and yes I’ll be having the savant-cogitator eliminate quirky entries, so no Angry Marines (the blessings of Him on Earth be upon them though). To submit just send your chapter name either in a comment on this post, tweet me at @RobbieMacNiven or message the Robbie MacNiven Facebook author page here. Or my brand spanking new 40k-based tumblr. Whatever. Any follows/likes ect will also be appreciated and will guarantee your suggested name actually makes it into the picklehaulb (No! No corruption!).

Happy naming, battle-brothers and sisters!


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59 responses to “Get your Space Marine Chapter Enshrined in the Lore!

    • Anonymous

      Death’s Jesters. Still developing the chapter. Uses a gene modification to find humor in anything, making them immune to fear.

  1. Silver Wardens. Good luck with your work!

  2. The Purifiers. They use a lot of flamers on heretics, mutants, Chaos and aliens. Orange armor color. Liberty Statue type torch for the chapter symbol. Otherwise very orthodox. Very much the ‘peasants with torches and pitchforks’ mentality.

  3. Joseph

    Storm spectres
    Focus more on armoured warfare

  4. Majestiq

    Knights Of Akbit

  5. Ganes and Theorys’ s very own Chapter, The Pit Vipers, my 1st company clan is Clan Adamanteus.

    Good Luck and all the best, I shall be looking forward to your novel.

  6. Victor

    Shadow Hawks
    Raven Guard successor chapter

  7. Artyom

    Dark grey color with red shoulders

  8. Ryan

    The Angelum Cadentium

    The Angelorum Cadentium Chapter of the Blood Angels is well known for being the chapter among their breed that abides completely with other organizations. Yet ironically enough, they hold Heraldry in the least regard within their own troops. As far as they are concerned, everyone is a soldier. The few Librarians they have are very often deployed in even small skirmishes, where their Tactical Marines would prove to win the day.

    The Angelorum Cadentium has no home world to speak of, and serve primarily on their Battle-Barge, the Crudelis Diabolus. Their battle barge also has their fortress-monastery aboard it. The Crudelis Diabolus is often protected by the presence of 2 Strike Cruisers, and a Nova Frigate. The Nova Frigate alone is one of the few times that this chapter has ever gone past the Codex.

    Primarily the Angelorum Cadentium Chapter’s colors are the blood red of the Blood Angels chapter from which they descend. However they all have a white scar over the left eye of their helmet, and they add other scars to their armor depending on rank and deeds performed in battle. Also, their shoulder pads, are colored in a Deep black color, and the details of their armor is black, eye lenses included and the Aquila.

    The Angelorum Cadentium follow the Codex Astartes very closely, very rarely deviating in any areas at all. So much so that the chapter possesses no Death Company unlike most of it’s Blood Angel counterpart Chapters. Those possessed by the Black Rage are given no chance at a death on the battlefield, instead viewed as Blights on their Chapter, being killed immediately. They are often viewed as the cowards among the Space Marine chapters due to their preference for ranged combat, relying mostly on their Tactical Marines, or even their many squads of Stalker Bolter Marines. This sets them apart from most chapters in that they have few assault squads or Librarians as well. They themselvevs have no problems interacting with other Chapters or Regiments, though more often then not, they are looked down upon by other Chapters and Regiments due to their fighting abilities.

    The Founding of the Angelorum Cadentium took place roughly 700 years after the Horus Heresy. The Chapter was formed when several hundred Blood Angels were left to die during one of the many battles of the Signus Campaign. These surviving Blood Angels managed to escape from the planet they were stranded on after they were left behind by putting back pieces of several shot down shuttles and other barges that fell to the planet, converging them into a rough space vessel. It was extremely crude and would have failed them had they not received assistance along the way from a Blood Raven descendant chapter, the Silver Venator. They assisted the now chapterless Space Marines in managing on their own and to help them return to Terra to inform the High Inquisitors of their predicament. Thus once they returned and told of their exploits, the High Lords of Terra officially sanctioned the forming of the newest addition to the descending chapter of Blood Angels, the Angelorum Cadentium.

    The Space Marines of the Angelorum Cadentium are very passive, and very rarely display any form of emotion outside of combat. They more often then not are avid writers, constantly adding more of their personal or different stories in a large Libro on their Fortress-Monastery. This Libro is essentially the heart and soul of the chapter’s emotions, the one thing they cherish almost as much as the Emperor. As far as combat specialty, they are based heavily on hit and run specialists, much like the Minutemen of old. Often striking quick, then falling back to a tactical position to rain hell upon their enemies who dare to insult the Emperor with their filth. Upon which their fighting style finally reverts to more of a Blitzkrieg technique, along the lines of the famous Death Korps of Krieg.

    Though the Chapter is fairly young, their Chapter Master, Luvenis Heros, is very acccomplished. During his former service within the Blood Angels Chapter, he was an accomplished swordsmaster, and an avid writer and artist. It is through his will that most of his chapter follows along with his writing tendencies. He is shown as a calm, caring, and shockingly beautifal man. He at times resembles the Primarch of the Blood Angels, Sanguinius, which makes the devotion the Space Marines under his command have to him all the stronger. His long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes are a heavenly sight on the battlefield for his Space Marines, and a haunting experience for the forces of Chaos. The chapter has only 5 to 6 companies due to their relatively small size. And they only possess about 3 captains, with 3 companies taking active part in battle, making the effectiveness of this Chapter essentially weaker.

    Life for the Angelorum Cadentium is a relatively peaceful one. They have little to no fear of the Black Rage due to their constant emotional outbursts in writing, something about writing alone, makes the Rage and the Red Thirst itself, seem very far off and almost non-existent. Although, there are exceptions of course. Outside of battle, they live much like a village would. Often chatting with others and being very sociable with one another. They are fanatically loyal like all Space Marines are to the Emperor, and constantly in their writings they speak of one day seeing the Empire turned to the Glory it should have been during the Crusades, had the Horus Heresy not occured.

    Special Companies within this chapter are very rare and practically nonexistent. However the 2nd company within the Angelorum Cadentium is completely long range battle based with no close range support at all. All Space Marines within this company are equipped either with Stalker Bolters or the devastating Storm Bolter for supressive fire. This company and other Companies within the Chapter however are the sole reason they are viewed as weaker by other Space Marine Chapters. They are often viewed as coward and not fit for battle. Though the Angelorum Cadentium takes pride in the fact that Sanguinius, though a close range combatant himself, was far more of a pacifistic Primarch, and their tendencies for long range combat are what also help keep the Black Rage, and Blood Thirst at bay. Thus making them feel much closer to their long deceased Primarch. As such, it is extremely rare for any of the Angelorum Cadentium’s space marines to fall victim to the Black Rage, or the Red Thirst.

  9. Hells Angels

    A lost chapter of Adeptus Astartes
    Tempted by Chaos due to the planet having by enveloped by a warp storm the brothers stayed loyal to the Emperor despite everything chaos threw at them to tempt them away from the imperium

  10. Damein S. Schaffer

    The Sons of the 7th Storm!
    Silver armor with yellow hands, shins and shoulders
    symbol is a grey shield with a bolt running from top right to bottom left on a back and yellow checkered field;
    The librarians of many chapters indicate that there will be 7 large warp storms erupting around a tactically placed Armory World, they suspect a massive invasion from the forces of chaos. The Grey knights a few space marine chapters and astra militarum plot up on the planet awaiting the storms…the librarians were right! When the 1st storm split the skies droves of demons and chaos marines poured from the warp. By the time the 4th storm opened the world was engulfed preventing any assistance or supplies from offworld. When wave six hit weeks had passed the forces of the imperium were down to their last few men but yet they pushed back the chaos. The chief librarians gathered the warlords and told them there would be one last
    storm and that this 7th Storm would be far larger than the 1st six…the imperium knew this would be their last stand!

    The 7th Storm exploded the night but unlike before the forces of chaos weren’t marching towards a sure victory. Instead it appeared as if they were fleeing pursuit!? Bursting from the 7th Storm were phalanx of Space marines. Their power armor bent and torn, their banners all but threads no chapter markings could be found. On the two flanks the forces of darkness were slain…the masters gathered these mysterious hero’s and asked them who they were, they could remember. They had been trapped in the warp for so long only the will to defeat the enemies of the emperor kept them alive as long as it did. The Grey Knights thought this simply Chaos trickery but the chief librarians senced no evil in them. The oldest and wisest amongst them stood before the Grey knights and said,
    “Let these Son of the 7th Storm live!”
    A chapter is born…or is it…

  11. Neil M

    These are 2 of the chapters I’ve built & painted over the years:

    Shield Bearers (Ultramarine successors – named after a Chapter of the Legion (also the nickname for the 2nd company of the UM Chapter but I didn’t know that when I started it). Known for their attentiveness to the weak and innocent, they act as law-keepers and advisors in the three systems they recruit from. Heraldry is a ultramarine blue shield, on white armour with ultramarine blue trim. Company & squad is given by coloured numeral on left knee.)

    Astral Guard (Unknown gene seed – possibly Imperial Fists. Based on a cleansed space hulk in orbit around Majoran’s Ruin – a red dwarf star. Reputation for fleet combat & boarding actions. Records suggest thay are either the 2nd chapter to bear this name or that they changed their heraldry some time in M36. Wear silver armour with dark red trim & details, chapter icon is a 5 pointed red star, company affiliation not shown.)

  12. Scott

    Phoenix Templars

    I really should compile all their various histories and stories together after all these years.

  13. Chris Dann

    Wardens of the Ardent Shield. A slightly longer title than most chapters give themselves, but I like it.

  14. Dan Harris

    The Obsidian Order.

  15. Iain C

    The thuderbolts! Strike like lightning.

  16. Anonymous

    The Flame Phantoms

  17. What a cool opportunity!

    Would love to see the Iron Guard chapter of heavily augmented marines involved. These guys are an Iron Hands successor chapter who carry on the tradition of bionic enhancements, and make heavy use of Dreadnoughts and plasma weaponry. They wear silver armour with blue inner panels on their pauldrons. See some of the conversions here:

    Let me know if any more info is required 🙂

  18. Asger

    Riemann’s Wolves
    Last Sentinels

  19. Sanguinius’ Stigmata, blood angels successor chapter

  20. Adam

    Dragon knights
    Mutated Betcher’s gland that let’s them breath fire instead of spitting acid.

  21. Winter’s Edge chapter (specialists in sub-zero locations)

  22. Night Reapers. They’re an Ultramarines successor chapter who really don’t like Ultramarines…they have their reasons…

    Background is here should you find time to read it…

  23. Luke

    Templars of Steel












    The Templars of Steel first came to prominence in the wake of the Damocles Gulf Crusade. Militantly xenophobic, the Chapter wholeheartedly embraces the creed of “Suffer Not the Alien to Live”; as such, they are brutal and relentless in pursuing the destruction of the Alien in all its forms. They also consider the Imperial willingness to make alliances of convenience with certain alien species heretical and Imperial Forces willing to do so little more than traitors.

    (This view has brought them into conflict with several other Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes; there is deep friction between this Chapter and the Blood Angels, and a long and bitter feud has developed between the Templars of Steel and the Ultramarines, as a result of the Templars’ efforts to have the Ultramarines subjected to Imperial censure for their conduct against the Tau in the Malbede and Pavonis campaigns).

    Despite these frictions and the uncompromising zeal that has won them a great many detractors, the Templars of Steel are firmly loyal to the Imperium, and their xenophobic attitude has won them allies within several important Imperial organisations, notably the Inquisition. The Chapter has close ties with the Ordo Xenos, offering its warriors for and taking advantage of the Services of the Deathwatch, and numerous Ordo Xenos Inquisitors have made use of the Chapter in repulsing Xenos Incursions into Imperial Space, particularly along the Eastern Fringe. At present, the greater bulk of the Chapter is engaged in a long-running campaign of reprisal attacks and counter-offensives against Imperial Worlds that have either fallen or seceded to the Tau at the behest of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Andromeda Sejanus.

  24. Simon Jackson

    The Dark Omen

    Black, white and red colour scheme.

  25. Allart

    Heralds of Judgement

  26. Hi Robbie, congratulations on getting published and good luck with the PhD! (I’ve just finished mine a couple of months ago – make your supervisors do their jobs ;p ). I would love to submit my own homebrew chapter for the name-drop; Snake Lords (Imperial Fists successor, vermin brown armour, grey/red markings – field mobile defensive forces). They’ve recently retired, so a mention may invigorate me to evolve them further!

    Again good luck and all the best,
    Gareth O’Keeffe.

  27. My chapter is called the Iron Bears. 🙂

  28. Mordeus Kharon

    The Cult Of The Ashen Fists.

    They wear white armor with Caledor Sky blue shoulders, in a mockery of the War Hounds. Their icon is a set of brass-colored minimalist knuckles.

  29. Anonymous

    Enrichers, ultramarines successor chapter, Ship to ship boarding specialists, after being sent on a penance crusade the majority became the Impoverishers chaos warband, but rumours abound of Loyalist elements of the chapter lost within the Koronus Expanse.

  30. Pathfinders

    More info at

    Background: Tribal organization, pulled from Irish, Scott, American Indian history, symbology, etc.

    Premise: Chapter dedicated to search and rescue of lost battle brothers from other chapters, lost relics and tech, and rebuilding nearly decimated Space Marine chapters.

  31. Donny

    Chapter: Direhand Armada. Siege warfare specialists. They are part of an interplanetary force called the Direhand Armada. The marines themselves often get named Direhand Warriors or Dire Warriors.

  32. Calvin

    Name: Eagles of Nevermore
    Parent Chapter: Raven Guard
    Founding: 19th
    Homeworld: Nevermore (Death/Forge World)
    Nevermore is a world in constant night, as the toxic and polluted atmosphere is deadly in minutes to unaugmented humans. Before the arrival of the Eagles, the world was a bustling Forge world. A chaos cult of Nurgle called down a plague upon the planet-spanning city. Within months, most of the world was dead, and the arrival of the Raven Guard chapter brought it back into the fold. After the Eagles arrived, the manufactorums were built in the massive tunnels originally built for mining. Today, it is where most of the population lives, minus several small above ground listening stations manned by Astartes. The surface is still covered in the ruins of a forge world.
    Chapter Master: Avexal Reimex
    Captains: 1st- Regent of Nevermore: Lucas Rax
    2nd- Keeper of Eagles: Maximus Lucius
    3rd- Master of the Fleet: Antres Bertoc
    4th- Master of Shadows: Carria Nero
    5th- Master of Marches: Malad Vandrec
    6th- Master of Armaments: Hertas Cenex
    7th- Master of Whispers: Initas Landzic
    8th- Lord Executioner: Senitor Navic
    9th- Master of Relics: Zaclion Galitan
    10th- Master of Recruits: Vartic Ilidan
    Master of Sanctity: Arretis Ilic, Slayer of Gods
    Chief Apothecary: Freid Solus
    Chief Librarian: Nextriar Lentecul

    Fortress Monastery: The Eyrie
    An underground fortress, the Eyrie is the informational hub of the entire chapter. It houses an advanced sub-etha communication system that can reach from Terra to the Eastern Fringe. In addition, it is linked to a massive orbital satellite network to warn of any warp jumps in the sector. It also houses one of the best stealth systems to be mounted on a planet, capable of jamming all sensors within the system.

    As with most Raven Guard Successors, the Eagles have no mucranoid or Betcher’s gland, and suffer from the same skin and hair malady. However, due to a mix of toxins and curious emissions from the core, the Multilung has become extremely overdeveloped. They are able to breathe almost as well through the multilung as through their own lungs, and are able to use all three at the same time for short periods. They are experts at night fighting and urban assaults, due to their hostile training environment. In addition, they are used as hostile environment troopers in situations that call for it. Their recruits come solely from Nevermore, and the final test for a scout is to hunt one of the 15 meter long tox-worms that roam the surface and kill it with his bare hands. Their armory has few Predator or Vindicator tanks, as the see them as unfit for urban assaults. They do maintain an extraordinarily high number of Whirlwind tanks, Land Speeder Storms, Land Speeders, and Stormtalon gunships. They also see TDA as slow and unfit for use in any situation but a city siege. In addition, they are often seen taking to war with an unusually high number of Jump Packs.

    Extremicus: A Thunder Hammer from the Personal armory of Corvus Corax, it is used by the Chapter Master when he goes to war
    Wrath of the Raven: A thunder Hammer built for the Master of Shadows by the Artisans of Nevermore
    Eagle’s Rage: A pair of Adamantium chainsword gauntlets built for the Master of Whispers to use in battle
    Wrath of the Trampled: The personal Crozius of Master of Sanctity Arretis Ilic, was used to fell a Renegade Warhound

  33. Erik B Sweden

    Chapter of the Undertakers. Colour: Dark grey. Chapter commander(also master librarian): Lord Kranion. He wears a hideously large humanoid skull infused with the master librarians hood as his helmet. He is also the master librarian of all the others from the companies.
    All the marines armour of this chapter is molded into protruding bones that go along the limbs and body/head and other parts, making them look skeleton-like (more so than Legion of the Damned).
    The bones are also flourescent in low light conditions and the only thing from the armour that can be seen in those conditions. They prefer close combat and more than not use scythes and glaives and striking in low light conditions. Wavy-bladed sacrificial looking knives are also very much their type of weapons. Everything about Death is their thing. And the adorn all vehicles with somewhat humorous sentences, like “Euthanasia given to all” and such. They also like to whisper to enemies and even to eachother in battle, like if they spoke like a spirit.

  34. Ferrus Cruxes, Successors of the Iron hands.

  35. Eugene Davis

    The white rhinos

  36. Carnasaurs. left behind when the warp storms cut off their home planet. The Carnasaurs utilized the giant prehistoric beasts as beasts of burden as their vehicles and technology slowly broke down.

  37. Anonymous

    Why not bring back a little know chapter of the Cursed Founding
    Sons of Antaeus

  38. Archangels Chapter (Dark Angels Successor)

  39. Congrats! My old home brew were the Praetorians – Ultra successors, purple/gold colors.

  40. The Optimates a.k.a. Primemarines

    Red, silver, and blue color scheme. Transformers link ends there. Unknown founding chapter, but similar to Ultramarines.

    Based on Roman legions – Primus Pilus being the veteran “sergeant” in a Roman cohort. And, the Optimates were a political “party” in the Senate know as the “best men” (bonii).

    Lightning bolt and the Greatful Dead skull are their main symbols.

  41. Joseph Perry

    Apocrypha Knights. They mainly hunt down and destroy hertical books and their writers but also regularly aid the mechanicus with the search for lost artefacts.

  42. ryan

    Spectral Legion. A psyker heavy non codex chapter who attack under cover of a psychic fog.

  43. Anonymous

    Void Dragoons.

  44. Children of Dawn. Purple black and white. Moto. Evil falters in the light of dawn

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  46. Will Harris

    I have two chapters tempest angels and angels of revelation

  47. The Mors Deven a successor chapter of the Iron Hands created during the 23rd Founding. bone, purple and metallic grey. Swore destruction against Tyranids.

  48. Anonymous

    Carcharodons mate.

  49. Marti Barker

    I have the Void Hounds,

    There’s definitely not enough ‘Hounds’ chapters (none I know of). Chose the name wanting a moniker with connotations of the loyalty, teamwork, intelligence and ferocity that Hounds are known for. ‘Void’ as they’re a fleet based chapter, which has always gave myself enough narrative scope to include them in any 40k conflict, at any location.

    The loyal and somewhat servile ‘hound’ connotation works well with allied inquisition, guard and other imperium forces (great for gaming).

    Haven’t decided on their parent chapter, far too serious a choice!

    Loved the short story, the death watch are really awesome, loved the way you portrayed them. Good luck with the next books!!


  50. JD Vertrees

    Saints of Revelation

  51. Gonfrask

    Iron Souls

    In fact a Chapter that won a GW competition years ago.

    It´s no mine, is from a friend

  52. Alan

    Castigators – well known and fantastic fan made chapter…I think you can find more on B&C

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