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The Space Marine Chapter Namedrop Draw is Almost Upon Us!

I’ll be closed to entries by 18.00 GMT tomorrow. Sometime later that evening I’ll post the glorious winner on all my social media sites. For those who still want to enter before the deadline, or who are just wondering what all the fuss is about, there’s more info here.

The reaction to this little bit of fun has exceeded my wildest expectations. I was imagining a dozen suggestions, maybe two dozen at most. Having recounted several times, we’re currently looking at 85 possible winners. The level of general interest has also be huge, at least compared to the stuff I usually discuss on this blog. Just check the stats from yesterday – normally I get like 8 views a day on here, average. However on the 29th…


I think it shows just how creative the Games Workshop fanbase is when so many people have put so much time and effort into enriching the 40k universe. It’s an oft-repeated slogan, but it really is more than just a hobby.

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So apparently people are up for that Space Marine Chapter namedrop contest then…


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November 29, 2015 · 12:45 am

Get your Space Marine Chapter Enshrined in the Lore!

Space Marines

On second thought who’d actually want to join this technicolour-blind lot?

Greetings all! It’s been an incredibly busy month here in Robbie’s Land. Regular followers will know that it’s still full steam ahead on the subject of my History PhD (as it likely will be for the next three years). On top of that I’m happy to say that after publishing my first pro short story last month, Black Library have given me a slew of fresh projects to work on. No less than three new shorts will be appearing beginning in December and, even more excitingly, I’ve just started work on a novel commission.

At the moment it’s understandably all hush-hush, but suffice to say the characters they’re letting me play with are fan favourites, and it’s an honour to get to write about them.

I don’t think I’ll be breaking any non disclosure forms by admitting, however, that a Space Marine chapter will at least be mentioned over the course of this mystery novel. Which chapter will that be, you 40k aficionados ask? Well, actually, I’ve decided to leave that up to you.

As a bit of fun I thought I’d let folks suggest their own chapter names for the possible prize of being name-dropped in a 40k novel. Unfortunately it’d be just that, a name-drop with no wider background or context, though if you really want to send me all your homebrew lore then feel free. I just can’t promise I’ll read it (believe it or not, writing for the mighty setting that is Warhammer 40,000 actually requires research, even for a fanboy of sixteen years standing such as myself. Between that and PhD readings, my sleep pattern isn’t looking great at the moment).

How will I choose the winning chapter in the possibly unlikely event that I actually get more than one submission? Answer; imma stick them all in a hat (actually a plastic costume-shop picklehaube) and pick one out. No guarantees, and yes I’ll be having the savant-cogitator eliminate quirky entries, so no Angry Marines (the blessings of Him on Earth be upon them though). To submit just send your chapter name either in a comment on this post, tweet me at @RobbieMacNiven or message the Robbie MacNiven Facebook author page here. Or my brand spanking new 40k-based tumblr. Whatever. Any follows/likes ect will also be appreciated and will guarantee your suggested name actually makes it into the picklehaulb (No! No corruption!).

Happy naming, battle-brothers and sisters!


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ewqIt’s a fine thing to find yourself added to the Wiki article of Games Workshop authors. Shoutout to Proteus77, whoever you are, you mysterious editor.

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The Gift of Hadrborg

James Fadeley, besides being my writing companion for a number of years now, is an excellent writer whose first novel is long overdue. I’d definitely recommend any and all Fantasy fans check this project out!

The Shape of Words to Come


Today marks the launch of the Banner Saga: Warbands Kickstarter! Based on the hit game created by Stoic Studio, the board game continues combining tactical skirmishes with long term resource management to survive. And the even more incredible news is that, within about 30 minutes, the KickStarter has already been entirely funded.

Of interest to readers out there is that my first novel, The Gift of Hadrborg, is an add-on available to anyone who joins the funding. Inspired by The Banner Saga: Factions, the story takes place before the events of the first game and tells the tale of Eirik and the woes of a city suffering from crime and strife.

The Gift of Hadrborg

In the troubled city of Strand, the City Watch and Governor’s Guard struggle to fend off the criminal empires who rule their streets. Between the corruption, smuggling, underground slaving, mass larceny and a rebellious group attempting to usurp the…

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