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Nine Years a Fresher


Summer starts to turn its gaze towards autumn once more, and I find myself looking forward to my ninth successive year at University. The first couple of weeks in September are always some of the most memorable of the year. Edinburgh begins to fill once more with its student cohort – almost 40,000 at the University of Edinburgh alone, not counting the other 31,000-odd spread over the higher education establishments of Napier, Heriot Watt and Queen Margaret. Among them are those fresh-faced first years who are about to become intimately acquainted with all of the horror and stress, the fun and adventure that goes with daily university life. Sleepless nights, both good and bad, are par the course, and not all will find their new home-from-home to their liking. Most, however, will probably come to love Edinburgh as much as I have done in my time here. For a history student especially, it’s difficult to imagine a more fascinating setting to complete any education in. From the craggy castle rock to the gleaming dome of Old College, from New Town’s neatly regimented streets and expensive clubs to the muddy fields of the Meadows and the 70s sprawl of Pollock Halls, through late summer sun, autumnal mists and winter snows, I’ve no doubt the Uni Family are set to enjoy another memorable year together. I’m delighted to still be a part of it and all its crazy escapades, even if this is almost definitely going to be my last one. Roll on Fresher’s Week.


The Adidas Cieros I first wore in September 2010, and my new pair.

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