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Infernal Works – Free Steampunk Story

A quick shout-out to any and all Steampunk fans out there – my latest short story, Infernal Workings, has just been clompleted and is free to read on Jukepop Serials!

Get it here!

If you’re already on, or want to register (it’s free!) I could do with getting +votes on all 5 chapters, the story with the most votes by tomorrow wins a pretty little cash sum from the good ol’ Jukepop folks!

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Happy Birthday Blog!


*blows lonely party streamer.*

Yes folks, it’s two years today since I founded this humble writerly wordpress. I can’t say things have boomed since then, but progress has been steady. Ironically, despite promising myself lots of blog posts this summer, I’ve not really delivered. But know two things;

a) I’ve been busy. With good things. Writing things. Not boring things. So that’ll blossom eventually, trust me.

b) I’m not dead (obviously), and there should me more posts coming soooon. 

Until Soon arrives, my heartfelt thanks for all the follows, likes and comments, they’re more appreciated than you could ever know. Keep being awesome, wordpress writerkin!

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