Robbie’s Work

Standalone Works:

Carcharodons: Red Tithe by Black Library

Carcharodons: The Reaping Time by Black Library

Fixed by Black Library

Vox Tenebris (audio drama) by Black Library

Legacy of Russ by Black Library

A Song for the Lost by Black Library

Blood and Iron by Black Library

Deathwatch 4: Redblade by Black Library

Heavenbloom by Books to Go Now

Heavenfall by Books to Go Now

Werekynd – Beasts of the Tanglewild, a free serial hosted on Jukepop Serials

Infernal Workings, a free serial hosted on Jukepop Serials

Anthology Works:

Heartwood in Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Sylvaneth by Black Library

Deathwatch 4: Redblade in Deathwatch: Ignition by Black Library

The Devil’s Own in Dark Dispatches by Pill Hill Press

The Little House at Bull Run Creek in Spectre Spectacular by World Weaver Press

Since This War in The Black Wind’s Whispers by The Bolthole

Golden Seas in The Dead Sea by Cruentus Libri Press

By Suffering in SuperHERo Tales

Lost in The Clock Struck War by Mardibooks

Lesson Learned in Werewolves versus Vampires by Full Moon Books

Outliers Volume 1 (Heartfire, Meeting Adjourned, The Package, The Only Rule, Renewal) by Thunderbird Studios


5 responses to “Robbie’s Work

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  3. Anneque G. Malchien

    Just got Heavenbloom. Can’t wait to start. 🙂

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