Robbie’s Work


War Zone Fenris: Legacy of Russ [novel]

Carcharodons I: Red Tithe [novel]

Dawn of War III [novel]

The Last Hunt [novel]

Carcharodons II: Outer Dark [novel]

Blood of Iax [novel]

Carcharodons: The Reaping Time [short story, Red Tithe prequel]

Call of Chaos: Blood and Iron [short story]

Call of Chaos: A Song for the Lost [short story]

Deathwatch 4: Redblade [short story]

Death Warrant [short story, Carcharodons]

A Brother’s Confession [short story, Blood of Iax prequel]

Vox Tenebris [ audio drama, Legacy of Russ mini-sequel]

Stone and Iron [ audio drama, Perturbao Primarchs series]

Age of Sigmar

Varanguard: Scourge of Fate [novel – 2019]

Heartwood [short story]

Blood Bowl

Fixed [short story]


Once a Stimm Queen [short story]

Standalone Works

Heavenbloom [short story] by Books to Go Now

Heavenfall [short story] by Books to Go Now

Werekynd – Beasts of the Tanglewild [novella], a free serial hosted on Jukepop Serials

Infernal Workings [short story], a free serial hosted on Jukepop Serials

The Devil’s Own [short story] in Dark Dispatches by Pill Hill Press

The Little House at Bull Run Creek [short story] in Spectre Spectacular by World Weaver Press

Since This War [short story] in The Black Wind’s Whispers by The Bolthole

Golden Seas [short story] in The Dead Sea by Cruentus Libri Press

By Suffering [short story] in SuperHERo Tales

Lost [short story] in The Clock Struck War by Mardibooks

Lesson Learned [short story] in Werewolves versus Vampires by Full Moon Books

Outliers Volume 1 [short stories] (Heartfire, Meeting Adjourned, The Package, The Only Rule, Renewal) by Thunderbird Studios

6 responses to “Robbie’s Work

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  3. Anneque G. Malchien

    Just got Heavenbloom. Can’t wait to start. 🙂

  4. Rocky Lynch

    Anymore Carcharodons novels or stories coming soon??

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