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If the pentagramic summoning with the 17th century history books and the old portrait of the Duke of Wellington fails, Robbie can be reached at any time via these equally arcane methods;



6 responses to “Contact Robbie

  1. I have just awarded you the ‘Dragon’s Loyalty Award’

  2. Robbie, I love you blog on histfic as a pillar of education. I couldn’t agree more. I publish a monthly e-zine featuring my histfic works, and would like to reprint this as a “guest column”, and would like your permission to do so. Additionally, I invite you to receive the e-zine at least once so you will know what I am talking about. Please respond with your email address, if interested.

    Douglas Boren

  3. Shawn O'Leary

    Mr. MacNiven, I just finished reading your short story “The Reaping Time” and must say that I am impressed. I read “Redblade” earlier in the year and was mildly surprised to hear that you wrote that one as well. Congratulations on finally making it as a Black Library writer.

    I’ve always been fascinated with the space sharks since I first heard of them in the Badab War and their game rules for Warhammer 40,0000 from Forge World. I think your short story was a well thought out space marine story and you didn’t overdo it on the similes or metaphor that other Black Library authors like to employ. Well done! I look forward to reading Red Tithe. Also, I want to thank you for mentioning the Storm Wardens in “Redblade.” Since the Storm Wardens were included in the story and that bit of writing sanctioned by Black Library, that, for me, is official acknowledgement of their existence! Now, if I can just get Games Workshop to make shoulder pads and a codex, life would be perfect. Well, my 40k life anyway! Thanks again!

    • Hello Mr O’Leary! Thank you for the kind words, I’m glad the Sharks are living up to their old, mysterious hype, and that you’re encouraged to get Red Tithe. Redblade feels like a lifetime ago now, but I’m still fond of it. I’m glad to have included the Storm Wardens too, after all, I need to give time to Scottish Space Marines! Hah. Anyway, thanks for the support.

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