A Song for the Lost is Out


My second short story as a professional freelancer went live yesterday, via the Black Library. Fans of the origional grimdark setting that is Warhammer 40,000 can expect Noise Marines, the corruption of innocence and some Eldar-torture (it wouldn’t be a Slaaneshi story without it, right?). The official, Inquisitorially sanctioned blurb is below!

In the Basilica of Himaeus the Justicar, nursing his latest beating from Bishop Eziah, young Ulix waits for Sister D’Fey to come and sing to him the only song that can ease his pain. He knows not why the other boys in the dorm hate her presence – nor does he care. When she sings the Song for the Lost, all his fears are soothed. As her voice lulls him to sleep, he cannot know that in his desire to escape the hardships of his life, he walks a path to an even darker future.

It’s a tale of mystery and intrigue in the heart of an Imperial temple that turns into something quite different – and very dangerous. Dark and twisted, to say anything else would give it away completely.


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