The Space Marine Namedrop Winner


Right guys and gals, if you just want the name of who won the Space Marine Chapter namedrop draw, see the paragraph below, if you want the wonderful eulogy of why homebrew chapters are great, read everything else. In the end there were just shy of a hundred entries, and they were all worthy. It’s made me sad indeed that I can only allow Fate to choose one, but she’s a cruel mistress. Maybe Black Library will give me a long enough career to mention all of them some day or another (I totally will if I can).

Anyway, the winner is John Ilchef’s Doom Griffons!

Again, commiserations to everyone else, but you never know, it might be you next time. Last time I checked there were still only 1000 Space Marine chapters in existence in the canon. I think it’s safe to say that if we added up all the so-called “non-official” successor chapters created by fans and gamers the world over I’m sure we’d have tens of thousands. Home-made chapters are one of the best examples of the creativity that people bring to the megalith that is the 40k setting. Without such creativity and passion, the universe would be only a shadow of what it is today. I’ve only just begun writing for Black Library, so it’s not difficult for me to claim I haven’t forgotten my roots as a gamer, but I hope that’s always the case. Loyalist, heretic or xenos, we’re all in this together.

The novel featuring the Doom Griffons is currently under furious construction, as is the novella sequel I’ve also been given to write. You may deride it as hype, but I feel confident in saying there are some pretty eye-opening revelations on their way. Things are coming in the warp, and 40k won’t ever quite be the same again. Look for it later next year…



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3 responses to “The Space Marine Namedrop Winner

  1. John

    Winner winner chicken dinner!
    Thanks Robbie, looking forward to reading it.
    Strange to think a chapter I came up with as a spotty 13yo will be in a Black Library novel.

  2. Daniel

    Hi, I am currently building some deathwatch, I would love to know the colours and symbol for the Doom Griffons, so I can add a marine from the chapter to my force.

    • Hey! I contacted the guy who came up with them, and he says they’re quartered (like the Howling Griffons), part Ultramarines blue, part gunmetal silver, with an eagle or griffon as their crest. You should send a pic when you’re done 🙂

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