Redblade: A BL shorts review.

A very kind review of my first pro-published work!

The Tentacled Tribunal

Redblade is one of the Black Library’s new short story ebooks, telling the tale of the former Blood Claw Drenn, and his clashes with authority during a campaign against orks amongst the floating lightning refineries of the gas giant Theron.*
As with much of Black Library’s fair, this story is not really forgiving to newcomers to the Warhammer 40,000 universe; you better know what a Howling Griffon and an auspex is going in, and whilst we do get some interesting tidbits of information about Fenris from MacNiven, we do not get much in the way of introduction to the 40K elements, and nor would I expect there to be on this product, targeting Space Wolf and ork collectors specifically.
My favourite aspect of this story is really the setting and backdrop to the action. MacNiven is given a chance to show us some unorthodox and spectacular scenery, and he delivers…

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