Total War: WARHAMMER – A Match Made in Heaven



I’ve often found that, like buses, good news comes in pairs. A few days ago I shared the good news about me and writing for Games Workshop. Then yesterday there was annother announcement which blew my proverbial, smelly student socks off – the Total War PC gaming franchise are teaming up with Games Workshop for their next game.

I primed you last time on just what Games Workshop is and why I love it, so I better do the same with the Total War series. Since 2000 Creative Assemblies have been producing historical strategy computer games based on the great wars and empires of history. My love for history (bearing in mind I’m on the cusp of starting a History PhD at University) first began around the age of 5 when I played the seminal strategy game Age of Empires, so when I discovered the delights of Total War I was instantly hooked. There’s even a super-awesome TV show where families have to refight historical battles.

Over the past 15 years the Total War series have produced award-winning games covering history from the Roman era to the Middle Ages, the 18th century, the Napoleonic Wars and 17th century Japan. I’ve loved every single one of them (don’t ask me for a favourite, we’ll be here all day). Imagine how ridiculously over-excited I got, then, when I found out that for their next production Total War are departing from purely historical strategy and are teaming up with Games Workshop to produce Total War: WARHAMMER! It’s literally the synthesis of my two most favourite things! Now I can enjoy the epic clashes of Chaos and the Empire via the engrossing strategy style of my favourite PC games.

Thankfully the guys at Creative Assembly aren’t moving completely towards fantasy – they’re still going to make their historical games . But how could anyone say no to the synthesis of these two brilliant franchises? I’m actually going to have to take a full gap year when it comes out.


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