History’s 8 Biggest Plot Holes

  • So the Americans create these super-weapons that they used to end Earth’s second global war, but then don’t use them in a single one of the dozens of conflicts since? I bet they’re keeping them for the season finale…


  • Sixty six years from the first successful human flight to landing on the moon, year right!


  • Right, so a “meteor” killed off ALL the dinosaurs, clearly the writer had no idea where to take the story.
  • They call the Titanic unsinkable, then it sinks on its first voyage. Far too much prophetic irony usage there!
  • C’mon, who would actually attack Russia in winter?
  • Are we seriously meant to believe Gavrilo Princip just happened to run into Archduke Franz Ferdinand – who he’d tried and failed to kill an hour earlier – whilst he’s ordering a sandwich?


  • Napoleon Bonepart, recurring villain much? As though he’d be able to escape Elba that easily.
  • The whole WW2 being use to set up the USA vs Soviets thing was brilliant, but are we really meant to be satisfied with the whole “Cold War” just gradually petering out?

coldPlucked shamelessly from this post!



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