The End of an Era

An hour ago I set my pen down and sealed the scriptbook on my last ever undergraduate University exam. Now’s not the time to come across all verbose on life as a student coming to an end, but suffice to say the past four years have been the making of me in just about every way. I’ll miss you terribly, Edinburgh University.

Now, onwards with the application to a postgraduate Master’s degree!


And yes, I did sit my exam here.




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2 responses to “The End of an Era

  1. I love your blog! (I’ve just finished first year doing English Lit at Edinburgh 🙂 ) Is that top photo the Playfair Library? I had no idea you could sit exams there!

    • Aw, thanks very much! Yeah, I’m sure going to miss everything about Edinburgh. Great city and a great Uni (even if the exam results are a bit slow in coming sometimes!). I’m jealous of you recently-freshers!

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