New Year Reflections

I generally enjoy New Year as a time for reflection, simply because I enjoy reflecting. 2013, like it’s predecessor, has been a year crowned with ongoing success uninhibited by even moderate setbacks. University has progressed splendidly, and over the summer I got the volunteering job I’ve always wanted.

Of course not everything has been perfect. This time last year I was hoping that by the close of 2013 I could point to a novel having been accepted for publication, as well as the completion of my 13th published short story. Neither objective was achieved, but that hasn’t caused any loss of sleep. This year saw the finale of Werekynd, which has been both a lucrative and highly enjoyable experience. It is, after all, my first published novella. My most worked-on novel to date, Ironfang, is also approaching the completion of its second draft. There are also a number of projects in the works for which I have much hope. So in essence, as far as writing is concerned, 2013 has been a year of steady buildup. 

If 2014 brings equal success I will be happy, but I’ll continue to strive for even better. Now seems like a good time to acknowledge all you followers, likers, rebloggers and book-buys who make all my work possible. You guys are the best. Have a happy, merry and prosperous New Year! 



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4 responses to “New Year Reflections

  1. Anneque G. Malchien

    Hope it all goes well! Best of luck for the New Year. 😀

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