Women’s Charity Books and a Special Mention

ImageA twofold post on this fine midwinter Sunday. Firstly, a few weeks back the latest anthology featuring my writing hit ebook and print. The attentive among you may recall the “create a female superhero” challenge. Well, this is the end product – a tidy little volume featuring the splendid flash fiction of 23 talented author, and 1 hanger-on Robbie. Apart from adding some much-needed female representation to the world of the superhero, the best thing is all the money SuperHERo Tales raises goes towards women’s charities. It’s a nice little gift for the Christmas Season.

Part two of this blogpost is a small but very happy shoutout to one Taylor L Scheid. She’s probably wondering why. The reason is she’s my 200th follower! It helps that she’s also a fellow-writer of the werewolves, gore included (there are also vamps but we don’t hold it against her). Go check her and her awesomesauce blog out!

There are more announcements, festive and otherwise to come, but I’ll hold off until the next SITREP sometime just before Christmas. Until then, may your log fires be full and your carpet pine needle free!



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2 responses to “Women’s Charity Books and a Special Mention

  1. Oh snap! Thanks for the shoutout! 😀 Yes yes, please don’t hold my vampires against me, because they’re very bitey and I’m wearing a nice shirt today and I’d never be able to get the blood out.

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