32 Signs Your Spouse Is A Werewolf

A few of the characters from Ironfang could do with a post like this…

Anneque G. Malchien

Sure, you love your partner. But do they sometimes seem a little… odd? A little wolfish, perhaps? Do you notice them disappearing each month around the time of the full moon?

Whatever suspicions  you do or don’t harbour, find closure with these 32 sure-fire signs of lycanthropy.

  1. You don’t own a dog, but you keep finding short, tapered hairs on the furniture.
  2. She’s always ready for walkies.
  3. He spins three times before he lies down in bed.
  4. The vampires next door are complaining.
  5. You can tell horror stories about “that time of the month”.
  6. You overhear her describing her family as a pack.
  7. The first thing you noticed about him was his toothy grin.
  8. She laughs when people ask if she’s a vegetarian.
  9. He gets really excited to see you, even if you’ve only been gone a few minutes.
  10. She’s allergic to chocolate.
  11. He shouts when he sees animals on…

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5 responses to “32 Signs Your Spouse Is A Werewolf

  1. Thanks for the reblog 😉
    The podcast is up! I wish I could have done the excerpt from Heavenbloom more service, but that’s a matter of practise. Here’s the link to the link: http://annequegmalchien.com/2013/11/08/podcast-indie-and-more-book-review/

    • Just caught up with the full podcast! My GOODNESS you give me far too much praise! 😀 As a newbie writer it leaves me feeling all fuzzy inside. Also, no joke, you managed to pick my favorite part for the excerpt. And now have I a powerful urge to read all the other works you review as well. What have you done!? 😉

      • Thank you! Right back atcha with the too much praise. The excerpt really stood out in my mind. When I originally read the story, I read that part a couple of times. Same with a few other pieces. Your descriptions of the firmas were just lovely.
        I’d be happy to create a monster for people wanting to read more!

      • I’ll wing Heavenfall in your direction tomorrow hopefully, purely for your reading pleasure. Do send me something in return if you’ve got anything kicking around in need of a read! I’ll also be bombarding my social network with the link to that podcast tomorrow, so brace yourself 🙂

      • Sweet, thank you, on both accounts! Would you like a copy of Cosmonauts? It’s some nice apocalyptic sci fi.

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