Paper Vultures – A SITREP (Part 7)

Actually, for our sins, it’s already here.

Did ye miss me? No, okay you didn’t. But you noticed my absence, right? In a kinda “thank f**k he’s gone” sort of way. Mr Prolific suddenly became Mr-I-Post-Once-Every-Few-Weeks. Blog activity, like the karma chameleon, comes and goes. In this case it’s definitely been going, due largely to the fact that I’ve just launched into my last *sob* ever year at the University of Edinburgh. That means dissertations, classes at *gasp* 11am, student union nights out, FENCING and, of course, fresheeerrrssss everywhereee. I’ve also got fresher’s flu, as does everyone I know, including my lecturers. I can assure the historical purists out there that Edinburgh is as riddled with the plague as it was in the days of Jenny Geddes. 

Due to all the diseased-essaying-partying, my One True Pairing, writing and productivity, has been on vacation. They return tonight however with this, a long overdue SITREP update on the writerly activities of a 21-year-old author-wannabe. 

So, let’s start big shall we? Ironfang. Yes, how is Ironfang? Good, thanks for asking. Incomplete-but-good. When I do return to writing, the moment this post is up, I’ll be going back to that steadily maturing Urban Fantasy. When I was kidnapped by the University two weeks ago I was almost halfway through the second draft so, frankly, everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

Next up on the list of stuff to be done is War Stories. You may remember this from the last SITREP. Submissions should be opening soon and, in true Scots fashion, ah canny wait! 

Next, a blast from the past. Tonight is the full moon, and guess who should, could, and will surely be making a lil’ comeback? Yep, only Werekynd: Beasts of the Tanglewild. Jukepop Serials have just been in touch with a lovely, juicy email giving me the latest on a few exemplary plans they’ve cooked up for the future, plans which, I’m delighted to say, include Ulthric and Co. Stay tuned and all that. 

Providing background static to the radio noise of my primary works, my horror-horror-scifi triplet of short stories continue to float in the Sea of Submission Processes. If/when they are plucked to publicatory glory you’ll be the first to hear. Also, the great Dr Faulkner, editor-in-chief of Britain’s bestest military history magazine, has green-lit my latest pro nonfiction article, detailing the bloody exploits of the Marquis of Montrose during Scotland’s civil war (the 17th century Covenanter one, before you history buffs remind me that there have been dozens). Again, more on that soon. 

Right, I have to go collect my muse up from the airport, assuming I can slip away from campus for long enough. Hopefully the next post will be more measured than manic. Wish me luck! 


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