A First Look at… Ironfang?

Salutations readers! Today I’m posting a lil’ eight sentence excerpt from the mystery work involved in Thursday’s Name that Novel mania (Ironfang is winning!) for the Weekend Writing Warriors weekly bloghop. The snippet itself features our protagonist, schoolteacher and single mum Valerie Chance, caught in rare moment when s**t isn’t going down. Physically anyway. Without further ado…

* * *

Since Martin? She’d forgotten men even existed since Martin. Since she’d seen how easily they broke, how much they bled, all that they left behind when they were gone.

“No,” she said, looking into her glass. Sensing the change in her voice, Abby started to apologise.

“Its fine,” Val said, dredging up a smile from the wine’s red depths. “I just… y’know. They say you get over it, but you don’t.”

* * *

Where’s the rest you say? Well, it’s called a snippet for a reason. You’ll just have imagine the writing. Literally, if this scene gets ruthlessly pruned in the next redraft. More will be revealed soon…



August 23, 2013 · 4:06 pm

20 responses to “A First Look at… Ironfang?

  1. adriennedewolfe

    THIS IS AWESOME!! So much emotion in so few sentences. I was totally hooked. Keep up the great work. (P.S. I love the title, IRONFANG.)

  2. This is my first visit, and I have to say I’m absolutely intrigued by my first look at this story. I love your voice.

  3. This is my first visit, and I like where this is going. Particularly the last line had be gripped. Great job!

  4. My heart is breaking for her. What a lovely job you’ve done here.

  5. This is great! Welcome to WeWriWa – I’m really looking forward to reading more!

  6. You’ve done it all in eight with the wine, emotions, loss. Thanks and best from Charmaine

  7. Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!
    Your dialogue is so natural, effortless, and the glimpse into her thoughts–love that first para. 🙂

  8. Loved the emotion and the snippet also leaves me very intrigued for who or what will change her mind. Welcome to WeWriWa! Great excerpt…

  9. Welcome to WeWriWa, Robbie … I love how she dredged up a smile from the bottom of her wine glass… nice visual! Great dialogue 🙂

  10. As other have said, we can really feel her pain and how time has failed to dull it.

  11. Obviously her experience with Martin has left scars.

  12. The wine smile is a nice image–how much of what we do comes out of what we’re drinking…

  13. I guess it will be very hard to get over Martin.

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