Hitting Print

Is it blurry as hell just so you can’t read my works for free, or is it the obligatory horror-shot graininess? The mystery!

There’s something special about seeing your work in print. There’s also something fitting about being so poor that you can’t actually afford to buy your own books. That was the case until last week with regards to The Dead Sea, a horror anthology released by the rather excellent Cruentus Libri press. Among its tales of nautical-themed scariness was Golden Seas, written by yours truly. Despite having been out for months it was only last week that I had enough disposable cash to invest in my own copy.

Something strange happens when you read your work on a page months after it was written. Everything is magnified, the glorious shines through, the failings like black blotches of rot infecting the paper. Melodrama aside, rereading Golden Seas was an eye opener. Afforded the clarity of hindsight, I think the opening was quite well done, the ending average, and the mid floundered and sunk. Have I improved as a writer since then? Yes, a little. Thankfully the anthology is full of far better stories. I like to think of mine as the ballast that keeps the ship weighted. And since this is a horror ship, the ballast actually consists of mouldering corpses.

The Dead Sea joins the august ranks of Spectre Spectacular and Dark Dispatches on the list of my works that have made physical print. All are found in the horror section, which begs the question as to why am I writing urban fantasy and historical fiction novels.

To close, and since we’re in hyperlink mode, would you buy a book called Ironfang? If so, go vote for it on the “Name my Novel” poll. All opinions are much appreciated!


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