Help Me Choose a Novel Title

The End

Well, not quite, but nearly. Just under two months ago I embarked on what at the time was considered, mostly by myself, to be an unwise sea change. I chose to momentarily forsake the 2nd draft of my historical fiction Crucible of Faith in favour of something spectacularly different. The chalk to my ongoing cheese love affair with CoF turned out to be an urban fantasy, an urban fantasy which now, at just under 50,000 words, is drawing to its first draft close. With around 10,000 words to go I should be typing those two magic words – the end – before the end of the month.

After that the fun really starts.

It’s a great relief to realise that this hasn’t been a dalliance with disaster, that despite my gut instincts I wasn’t abandoning CoF for a brief, destructive affair which would leave me with less than I started with. This urban fantasy I speak of, set in an undisclosed American city, has captivated me and provided much-needed catharsis. One can only describe 17th century Edinburgh so many times before a break is required.


I call this font cryptik skrawl…

Of course, as any writer will know , the completion of a novel’s first draft is a fine achievement but nothing like the end of the road. By my own estimations I’ve done 40% of the total work required to make this novel publishable, regardless of whether it be with a big or small press I choose to launch it at many months from now. A lot of revisions are required right off the bat, as can been seen from my hasty scrawl (there are times when a laptop isn’t appropriate, such as on a crowded commute train or, say, the toilet). The wise advice I give to myself for the second draft ranges from ‘more nightmares’ and ‘keep an eye on the weather – less snow’ to ‘Make Fox more aged and likeable.’ Cryptic indeed.

You’ll notice I’ve been shy with what the novel in question is actually about, beyond the incredibly broad parameters of ‘urban fantasy.’ I’ve not even given you its name yet. The precise nature of the tale will be the subject of future posts (you can probably glean a lot from the pic/your knowledge of my previous writing creds), but there’s a good reason I haven’t given you the name yet. I want you to help me choose it.

Imagine you wanted to buy an urban fantasy novel, and all you had was four names. Vote for your favourite/most awesome sounding below. It’s really that simple. Of course if you hate all four (hint, one of them I don’t like at all, but threw in to keep it interesting), feel free to give me reams of abuse in the comments below. It’s all greatly appreciated!



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19 responses to “Help Me Choose a Novel Title

  1. Hi there! I didn’t vote for any of them. I’m still trying to “unsee” you sitting on the toilet writing cryptik skrawl. But…I like City of Wolves better than Wolf City. And I like Fang better than Ironfang. After-Class sounds like a naughty teacher-student erotica novel. Alpha is intriguing, so I guess that would be my vote.

    • Haha yeeeah, sorry about that. Maybe an edit is in order. Really interesting suggestions you’ve got, turns the titles nicely on their heads. It often takes a comment like that to open up the creative playing field. Thanks 🙂

  2. Best wishes on the novel, I went with Alpha because I find it simple and interesting (the one problem w/”Alpha” as a title is that it might be somewhat overused).

  3. Melody


    ‘Alpha’ and ‘After-Class’ are the most intriguing to me. ‘Ironfang’ and ‘Wolf City’ feel like they have been done (don’t call it ‘Wolf City’…)

    M x

    • O hai there! After-Class was actually the original name I was going with. Ironfang was a last minute addition, I’m surprised it’s getting votes. Amazingly Wolf City hasn’t been used for a novel before… though that may be because it’s a terrible name…

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  5. Tessa Sheppard

    I like Alpha the most. It conveys dominance, strength and leadership.

  6. Rajeev

    Eh, Alpha and Wolf City sound really generic. Irongfang’s the best of the lot. It sounds a bit steampunk urban fantasy though.

    • Rajeev

      Since we seem to have a werewolf motif, how about something moon related?

      • I’m worried moon names are like Alpha, too generic. But it’s food for thought. Red Moon? If I ever write a Nazi Werewolf blockbuster it’ll definitely be called Iron Moon.

    • Why hello there! You’re right, Alpha’s already the title of at least two books on Amazon. Ironfang looks to be coming out on top. It isn’t a steampunk urban fantasy, but that does indeed sound like a novel for another day…

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