5 Fun Facts about Writing and the End of Werekynd

Since my fantasy novel Werekynd ended today (see here for the violins and here for the actual final chapter) I thought I’d celebrate/lament with five brief facts about that last chapter and writing processes in general. They aren’t particularly fun – that was just a hook to get you reading. Gotcha. Image

Also, if you’ve not read the last chapter yet, spoilerz. If you don’t intend to or just don’t give a damn, read away! 

1) Red is one of the very, very few characters I’ve ever written who is based on a real-life person. In this case she’s a University friend who wanted in on all the carnage. The fact that “Little Red Riding Hood” was a perfect abstract-fairytale fit for a fantasy story about werewolf people honestly only occurred to me after the character was written up. Durrr. 

2) General Novo was going to survive the novel. Then, during a long, hot shower just before I finished the chapter, I decided he must die. But when I put fingers to keyboard, I couldn’t do it. Instead of a gutting he just gets a split lip. I’m a total sap. 

3) Roddick was never intended as a relatively major character, and certainly not the owner of the closing PoV. He was written up initially because I wanted a change of pace from the “serious business” types who populated the rest of the story, and because I needed to hit my monthly writing quota and couldn’t come up with anything satisfactory until I wrote his escape scene. If I could change one thing (and if this becomes a self-pubbed novel be damn sure that I can) then it would be going back and developing him further. You have been warned.

4) Vega’s name and personality is very loosely based on Vegeta from Dragonball Z. He was always my favourite, so it’s no surprise that Vega became my favourite character to write for in Werekynd. Unfortunately I’ve watching too much Games of Thrones recently, and someone cool had to die… 

5) My girlfriend came up with Sawtooth’s name. She actually wrote the chapter he first appears in, whilst I dictated like some sort of author-fuhrer. 

It’s really gutting to be leaving these characters behind, but I’ve promised Ulthric I’ll come back for him one day. Until then, it’s on to the next thing in the writing scheduled!


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