When the Wolf Comes Home – Ending Werekynd

I first discovered Jukepop Serials on a rather excellent writing forum I still frequent now-and-then. Initially it all sounded too good to be true. Semi-pro pay for serialised novels in any genre? An inbuilt writing platform consisting of votes and feedback? Pull the other one.

But very occasionally you really can have your cake and eat it. And Jukepop has been a truly delicious cake.

After accepting the first chapter of my proposed serial Werekynd – Beasts of the Tanglewild in November 2012, I joined a rapidly growing list of fellow serial authors on the Jukepop site. That first chapter of mine, Crow Valley, had once been a self contained swords n’ sorcery short that had already been rejected by two other publishers. The fact that I made far more money from it and got much better feedback after going to Jukepop shows that one closed door can just turn you towards one that’s easier to break in through.

Werekynd has now run for nine months and accumulated a vast 5000 + votes. On Saturday it finishes with Chapter 34 – Warpwood Dreams and Tangled Destinies. I won’t be cringey and say “it’s been a great adventure.” In truth Werekynd is riddled with faults. I wrote it from month to month, guided only by the vaguest idea of where it was going. I wrote it so each instalment would excite, not follow a prearranged script. I wrote it because, despite what my subconscious likes to think, I’m still young and I’m still a newbie writer. And sometimes I can use those excuses to just kick back and write whatever the heck I want.

Because of this, over the past nine months I may just have become a little attached to Ulthric and Vega, Thomas and Red, Hrothgar and Venneck, Ferdano and Lorenzo, Novo and Roddick. It’ll be sad to say goodbye. But, despite all the inconsistencies and typos, not to mention trying to find new words to describe marshland mud, or lunging fantasy-werewolves, I really have enjoyed following their bloody romps. Damn it, it really has been an adventure.

I’d like to take the completed work and turn it into a self published novel. Whether life will grant me the time to do so remains to be seen – there’d have to be a lot of work done to bring it up to full, non-serialised novel standards. No more making it up each month.

Regardless of what fate befalls it, I’ve loved Werekynd, and I’d like to thank Jukepop for making its publication possible. Final praise, of course, goes to you the reader, for turning it from mere words-on-a-screen to a tangible, personal success. 

The final chapter will be up here on Saturday. Go check it out.



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6 responses to “When the Wolf Comes Home – Ending Werekynd

  1. This is sad to hear. I’d just started reading Werekynd, and quite a lot of good serials seem to be ending left and right. I hope I get to see another story written by you on Jukepop, though. Congrats on being the longest running serial at nine months, by the way. I’d say that’s as good of an adventure as any. : )

    • Thanks, yeah you never know, Jukepop is such a great site I’m not sure I could stay away for long. But the good thing about not having to write is that it leaves me more time to read – I just started Radio Silence yesterday. More votes coming your way! Also, have to say it’s awesome blog you’ve got there. Nice to find someone else talking about their journey through the good ol’ writing adventure 🙂

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  4. bethraymond

    Congrats on finishing! But FYI–there are quite a few ongoing serials that started publishing on JukePop in September 2012 (mine included). 🙂

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