Paper Vultures – A SITREP (Part 6)

Regulars will know the Paper Vultures series serves two important functions. Firstly, it gives me somewhere to go through my current circumstances and cunning plans as though someone was actually listening to me and caring. And secondly, to actually give you a reason to read it, I namedrop the presses I’m working towards, the presses you yourself will quite likely find success with if you follow my lead.

In the two months since the last Situation Report, I’ve successfully passed my driving theory test, got the job at Culloden and have been to London, so that covers the non-writing stuff. On with the important bits.

Those three rejected short stories have finished their R and R and been rotated back to the frontline trenches of the submission process. The first, Pelt, actually my favouritist short story that I ever done writ, is currently being considered by Spinetinglers Press – it does indeed tingle spines, but whether there’s enough tingle action remains to be seen.

The second short, Though Poppies Grow, is another horror, and that’s been packed off and sent to Short Scary Tales Publications – it  is both short and scary, but whether its shortness is scary enough remains to be seen. The good news is SST gives you £100 if they like your story enough. Get on it writing newbies!

Lastly, my sci fi mini space opera Cygnet 5 has left port bound for Plasma Frequency, a tough, semi-pro gig. Don’t be surprised if we lose all contact.

It hasn’t all just been about the bland monotony of resubmissions though. Werekynd is approaching its (hopefully) grand finale – more on that by the end of the week. Suffice to say it’s been a rollercoaster ride, and I’ve got a long list of people who need their backs patted.

As well as finishing something old, I’m starting something new. Apex Books apparently heard I’d grown up on a wholesome diet of military sci fi and decided to Kickstarter an anthology just for me. Well not really, but the theme truly is awesome. Entitled War Stories, it looks set to be jam-packed with the very best military sci fi has to offer. Just look at that smexy initial cover design. And you can submit to it as well! Let’s ignore the fact that they’ll be accepting only the best. A space trooper can dream (only depending on their genetic conditioning, induction training and the length of time spent on the front line). Image

All this, plus the Writing Platform Content Offensive, has meant actual novel work has been put on the backburner for the past month. Hopefully the start of August will see me opening that front back up, but don’t expect any updates on either Crucible of Faith or that mysterious new Urban Fantasy (which is going very well thank-you-very-much) anytime soon.

Right, I’m off to activate my power armour and polish the gravtank. Maybe while I’m there I’ll even find some original military sci fi names and phrases to use.

MacNiven out.



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3 responses to “Paper Vultures – A SITREP (Part 6)

  1. Submit to War Stories! We’re looking for all manner of submissions.

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