A Blog Birthday Message from the Dear Leader


This blog was officially set up in February 2012, but I like to think of that as the point of conception, since I didn’t actually post for the first time until July 12th 2012.

Because of this the coming 12th marks my blog’s first birthday. What better time for a little introspective retrospection? The thinking behind my own humble attempt at a “writing blog” (oh the uninspiredness!) has never been fully defined, even in my own head. I started it because I wanted to make new friends, read new stuff and spew my own half-thoughts all over the not-so pristine windowpanes of the Internet.

This blog had another dimension added when I realised I could try and use it as a writing platform to attract attention. Despite vigorous arm-waving and gratuitous use of tags, the content I put out is still far too amateurish for true Platform status. My first posts are cringe worthy, but they must be preserved for writerly posterity. And don’t you dare use the archives to find them.

As any old timers kicking around here will know, I gave the blog a facelift a few weeks back. The idea was that I’d bring it more into line with attempted platform-ness, hence the links to Twitter, Facebook and all manner of following gadgets and top post stuff scattered around the main page. Not to mention the four, four header tabs. In my defence, everyone needs a Home. Hopefully the shakeup hasn’t harmed the simplistic look of the initial blog. Generally I heart minimalism. My girlfriend thinks it looks crap, but she’s allowed to say that. She’s my girlfriend.  

So what does the future hold for this outpost of newbie writer, maths-allergic, red-headedness, this small Bastion of Robbie? I’ve no idea, beyond the fact that I want to keep pestering you with unfunny Scottish commentary and ill-considered posts on the misadventures of a 21-year-old in the Big Bad World of Publishing. I’d like to take this moment to sound like a pompous ass and thank you one and all for having come this far with me. Many of you run great writing blogs of your own, and I’m humbled by your company. You’re all going places, so remember me when you get there. Sadly, I’ve also got some bad news for you;

In terms of my own journey, the end is nowhere in sight. 


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