Interview: Robbie MacNiven, author of “Werekynd–Beasts of the Tanglewild.”

robbie macniven

I recently interviewed Robbie MacNiven, a fascinating young SF/fantasy author from Scotland. Those of you who are fans of JukePop Serials definitely know who Robbie is–he is the author of Werekynd–Beasts of the Tanglewild, which is the top-voted serial in JukePop Serials history. This alone would have been enough for me to seek an interview, if only to learn the secret of his success! However, it turns out that Robbie and I have much more in common than merely being fellow JukePop authors. He is, like me, getting an advanced degree in history, and also like me was bitten by the writing bug at an early age.

What follows is my interview with Robbie. Enjoy!


Where did you get the idea for Werekynd—Beasts of the Tanglewild? Can you tell us about the development of the story?

Werekynd was born, as many novels are, from a short story. In…

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