A Writer’s Cry for Help

There comes a time when every writer needs a helping hand.On Now

It ain’t an easy business, we all know that. You wouldn’t do it unless you loved it, loved it more than any other job in the world. And there are still times when, even with this job you love, there’s nothing you’d rather do than just give up. Those times come along… well just about very day in fact.

It’s the odds you see, the damned odds. Get an agent, that’s the only way to get your work accepted by the ‘big’ publishers. But how to get an agent – why, have a history of healthy, reliable book sales of course! It’s the ultimate catch 22 of the writing world, and there’s only two ways to beat it; a) write something so in-your-fikkin-face amazing that the agent has to accept it or b) assemble a portfolio of writing success that proves to your prospective agent that people will buy your work.

Whilst achieving point A would be nice, the random variables of luck and personal taste make that one too unlikely a means of publication, at least for first-timers. That leaves me with only option B with which to break the deadlock.

To that end, since January 2011 I’ve been seeking to build up a writing CV, compiling enough successful small works to actually add a bit of credence to the ‘my storwie is amazing, plz adopt me’ query letters. At the time of writing I’ve got eight pieces of short fiction published here and there, but none of it really screams ‘thing guy’s totally the next J K Rowling!’ Until now.

Well, okay, even with this thing I’m not going to be the next J K. Buuuut… Since they accepted my story in November of last year, Jukepop Serials have been my biggest gig. The fantasy tale I’m writing for them, entitled Werekynd – Beasts of the Tanglewild, is approached the 40,000 word mark. That’s just a lil’ shy of full novel status. Being able to list Werekynd and Jukepop on my CV is a big boost, yet there’s an ever bigger one up for grabs. What if I could rightfully claim that Werekynd was the most-read of Jukepop’s 150-and-growing database of excellent serials?

This is where you come in, patient reader. NOTE: THIS IS FREE AND ONLY TAKES A MINUTE You may recall these events last Novemember  https://robbiemacniven.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/when-werekynd-called-you-came/  That was when Werekynd first went live, and I asked you all to back the story with your votes. You did so, and for that I’m forever grateful. Now, just as I pleaded for assistance to get Werekynd on its feet, now I must ask you to support me as it winds down. With roughly ten chapters left to be written, it’s time for anyone who is able and willing to pile in and vote. If I get the support I did last time, I may be able to break Jukepop’s record 2,500 vote barrier. But I can only do it with your help. Here’s how to go about it;

First you need to register;  https://www.jukepopserials.com/account/register  ‘Uh oh,’ I hear you say. No, don’t worry. All you need is your email and a password, standard stuff. If you voted last time you’ll already have an account so skip this part! And there are NO SPAM EMAILS after you’ve confirmed registration. After you’re signed in, go to this link or search “Werekynd.”


Scroll to the bottom of the page. See the little button that says + Vote Chapter? Click on it. Then go to the next chapter, just to the left of the vote button, and click the + Vote Chapter button on that one too. There are 29 chapters, so do it for every one and you alone can garner me 29 votes! If you voted during the last push you probably already voted for Chapters 1-8, but 21 have been added since then, so you can get me 21 more votes each!

And if you feel bad for blindly voting for someone when every other work on the site is probably actually better, don’t worry. You can vote for as many serials as you want (just not multiple times on the same chapter).

I really need your help, and your friends, and your family, and your pets and your slaves (though, actually, if you’ve got any slaves that’s probably illegal, so you might want to think about turning yourself in to the nearest police centre, But not before voting). If you can get me anything, it’s really, really appreciated. Even just sharing this about will help hugely.

Finally, let me give you one big, heartfelt, writerly THANK YOU!



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9 responses to “A Writer’s Cry for Help

  1. Hi Rob, thanks for introducing me to JukePop Serials. For that reason alone, you deserve my 29 votes. To be entirely honest, I haven’t read any of the chapters, mainly because of my bulging reading list and because, while fantasy is my thing, horror is not—no offense. However, I’m also entirely honest when I say this: I’m more than glad to help a fellow writer. All the best of luck!

  2. You don’t need a history of great sales to get an agent unless you’re trying to market a self-published book. If you write the next WOOL, self-pub it, and hit a million sales you will generate interest from the publishers and agents.

    Otherwise, write the book, don’t self-publish, and query the agents. If the book’s never been published they won’t care about sales stats. Most debut-author-friendly agencies say so right in their submission guidelines.

    Write the book. Edit the book. Write your query letter. Edit your query letter. Send to agents. Go.

  3. Anonymous

    29 Votes delivered as requested. Hope it helps. Best of luck with the project. I’ve read some of your story and I like it so far, so I will readd it and comment when I’ve finished.

    Regarding your Tweet Robbie. I’m not pro-Union. There are too many elements of the Union which need reformed for me ever to consider voting No in the Neverendum.

    I’m of the Thatcher generation who spent too long on unemployment after 4 years of Uni and therefore share one of the common chip on shooder Nationalist grievances regarding the squandering of Scotland’s oil

    On the other hand, at this moment in time, as you could easily guess, I ain’t going to be voting Yes either. On the social side – not welfare – of the UK and Scotland, I strongly sympathise with Better Together.

    But there are arguments made by the other lot which strongly move me also.

    I’m a genuine virtually disenfranchised Dinnae Ken, more likely to spoil my ballot paper than vote for either side.

    So could I request a Tweet from you threatening to convert me to Unionism or something? I’m not upset at being called a Unionist – the stupider Nats call me it as if it’s an insult – but in terms of accuracy etc.

    On a similar note. I’d be really interested in some of your ideas regarding the federalist view of the Covenanters. There are some genuine, though loose, parallels to be made regarding the Covenants, its supporters and the effect it had on the rest of the United Kingdom. Any chance of a wee blog here?



    NB: Any soundings on the writing competition you were going to enter at the beginning of the year?

    • Sincerest apologies! I was just trying to message my twitterati in vaguely conforming clumps and guess I did it without thinking. Assumption is a curse and all that. Although to be fair if I’d had to guess I’d have labelled you a Unionist, simply because of your strong stance on the Nats. A lot of people on our side in fact are what I think of as the “quiet” unionists – they don’t really label themselves unionist, they’re certainly not flag wavers, and they don’t really get involved in the debate – but they are our silent majority. And no, I’m not going to try and proselytize you – I suspect you’ve heard it all before. The Covenanters As Federalists theory is one I’m intrigued by, I hope to do a dissertation for it next year. I’d simply dismissed the idea of a federal Britain out of hand before, due to lack of understanding, but seeing even a slender historical lineage always increases my interest. As for my start of the year writing projects, one has been rejected and two others are still waiting news – but more on that next time! Thanks for the visit!

  4. I voted! Cheers & best of luck!

  5. I’ve voted and will keep my fingers x’d for you. However, I ABSOLUTELY think you have the ability to write an in-your-face-freaking-amazing book, and I expect to see that happen. So, don’t sell yourself short. 🙂

  6. Hi Robbie,

    I remember really liking those first few chapters you led us to, so was happy to vote now. Good luck!


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