Paper Vultures – A SITREP (Part 4)

I’ve seen Les Miserables four times.

Just wanted to get that out there right from the start. I’m mean damn, what a film. Okay, okay, it’s true I’ve never seen the play or read the book, but if it weren’t for the film I may never have gotten round to either of them. Now they’re top priorities.

What a cast it was. What emotion they put into their work. I’ll even defend Russel Crowe’s singing to the death (seriously, he sounds better 2nd time around. And 3rd and 4th…). In fact I loved the character of Javert so much I intend to play him one day, despite never having acted in my life. I’ve made him the poster boy for this post. I’m going to write Javert fanfic, and now that I think about it I’m just back from my girlfriend’s place, where I made her duet as Jean Valjean with me in the “confrontation” scene. University karaoke night here we come! 

Jaysus. I’m sorry. I know, Paper Vultures is where I tell you about my writing, and in return you get the lowdown on a few small markets you yourself may like to try it. I just got a little carried away. It’s not often a film comes out that inspires me that much.

So, writing, writing, writing. I’ve done a lot of writing lately. Had a wee angst phase and voila, over 3,000 words of Covenanted’s (my wannabe novel, whose name has now actually changed to Crucible of Faith because who the hell ever uses the word Covenanted.) 2nd draft written in less than a day. My agent rejection list is nearing 30 now so something has to be done. But hey, as we McNivens say, where there’s life there’s hope.

Resolutely stealing Crucible’s limelight is the ever-present Werekynd, my ongoing serial fantasy piece for Jukepop Serials. It’s approaching the time of year when Jukepop hands out a $500 reward to their most viewed serial, and what can I say? I’ve got my eyes on the prize. I just need about 600 more votes but don’t worry, you’ll hear plenty more about that soon enough…

Filling the ranks of the secondary projects are two horror shorts, Pelt and Where Poppies Grow, which are both currently in consideration with different publishers, Blood Bound Books and Dark Discoveries. A Speciality for Rugs has been sent off to Edinburgh Uni’s Writer in Residence, though Lord only knows if it’s been received (the classy folks at Uni demand paper manuscripts only). A forth short, a sci fi piece for World Weaver Press, was finished last week and sent off. Three days later I received a prompt reply along the lines of


Which to be honest cut me as it does any writer, but I’m a big boy now and the crit was all good. It’ll be a grand anthology regardless. I don’t have the stomach to revise and submit it elsewhere at the moment, but one day Cygnet 5 shall return.

So that’s about the long of the short of it. Objectives to be achieved by midspring – get 10 more chapters of Werekynd written minimum, chew through as much Crucible redraft as possible, hope that at least one of my three works currently in consideration get accepted. Until then it’s back to Uni whilst daydreaming of Inspector Javert.

Do you hear the keyboard sing? 



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4 responses to “Paper Vultures – A SITREP (Part 4)

  1. I loved Les Mis as well. I’m a huge fan of the book and it was great to see this story on screen, with a script faithful to the book and awesome actors. I hope you get your votes on Jukepop!

  2. midnightphoenix

    1. Les Mis was fantastic. I’m working on seeing it for a fourth time. 2. Javert, for some reason, has always been my favourite character. Crowe did a wonderful, fanfic worthy job. 3. Good luck with Jukepop. Writing is a world of opportune moments. 3. Nice to meet you! (Admittedly by way of feeding my current Javert obsession.)

    • Glad to meet you too, thanks for stopping by! I loved the fact that when I scrolled through my newsfeed and came to this post it was basically just a giant picture of Javert dominating the screen. Les Mis fanpride!

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