Paper Vultures – A SITREP (part 3)

It’s time for another Paper Vultures instalment! To those of you questioning what on earth a “Paper Vultures” post is, I can best describe it as the blog version of when the CIA (or Mi6 thankyouverymuch) watch the crazy guy in the cell talking to himself via the one-way glass windows. And if you’re questioning that parallel, rest assured that I’m the crazy guy.

But it doesn’t matter that I’m crazy, or that I’m locked up on charges of international terrorism, or even that the world is going to end in a few hours (according to some ancient south Americans anyway) because IT’S CHRIIIIIISTMAAAAAS. Nearly. I may have been bundled by the feds but I’m free from University essays, so I’m going to using this Vulturiffic moment to take stock of the coming month of Holiday Fun.

The most pressing matter on my platter just now, aside from the rash of social events I’m expected to attend, is Werekynd. You may or may not recall it from last month. It was a smash hit, but if I’m to keep up the momentum I’m expected to pen 5,000 words more for it every month. And it’s now December 20th, without a word of Chapter 8 yet set down upon that virtual page. No worries… yet. University is momentarily finished, so in between seeing the Hobbit for a third time, hosting a high school reunion and not one but TWO Christmas Eve meals, I should be able to blast out the necessary creativity. Anyone following the serial, standby…

With more work comes more reward. This month has seen the release of my 8th short story as part of the 5th anthology I’ve been involved in – “Since this War” in The Black Wind’s Whispers. It was the first time I’d ever shared word count with a ‘real’ author (and a well known one at that), CL Werner – being able to see my name alongside the one featuring on three books on my shelves was awesome. And the cherry-on-top was the review done a few days back by Bane of Kings on The Founding Fields  “Since this War” picked up a nice bit of praise, the reviewer even going so far as to put it up there alongside Mr Werner’s short. It’s certainly a nice counterpoint to the everyday drudgery of agent query rejections.

 Lastly, Covenanted tweaking aside, there’s one more writing project building to the boil. I’m going to be cryptic and claim its top secret. Well, not really top, but at least a little bit secret. Helps with the hype and all that. I will say it’s a short story, its historical fiction, its working title is “A Speciality for Rugs” and it is set in… Feodosiya. No, I didn’t just make that up, it’s by the Black Sea, and it was formerly known as Caffa. More about that come February.

So, season’s greetings and goodwill and all that jazz to everyone, I have a healthy bit of writing to get done and even more home-banter to be Christmas-dinnering through. If I post here before January 1st, chastise me! Until then… 


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