Paper Vultures – A SITREP (part 2)

It’s that time of month again. No, not that time of month! I’m a boy for goodness sake! What I mean is, it’s the time when I feel the need to pause and take stock. Life’s hectic for me recently (which, to be honest, isn’t saying much), and nothing centres the mind quite like a long-overdue WordPress post. So bear with me as I talk to myself for the next couple of minutes, and don’t bother trying to call for help, I’ve cut the phone lines (as though phones have “lines” any more, pfft. Just go with it).  

So, um, Uni. Yeah, that’s all good. Essays and stuff. Next.

Writing. A bit more complex. The Big One remains the novel, which is currently in a state of limbo as it undergoes extreme scrutiny. I’m getting its attendant query ripped apart nicely on the Agent Query Connect forums, which is always fun. I’m having the writing itself looked at by three sets of much-appreciated eyes; Craig Schmidt who buddied up with me for GUTGAA and who still hasn’t been scared off yet (more Chapters for you soon Mr Schmidt!), my parents (lots and lots of oldschool pen annotations on my printed drafts make me feel like a real writer) and, perhaps most feared of all, Steve Parolini (yeah, his name is Stephen, but I call him Steve because we’re, like, y’know, bros. And he said I could) aka “The Novel Doctor.” Go check him out for either his critique work or his cracking blog, I care not which.

Trying to steal the writing limelight from The Big One is my ever-growing Brood of Short Stories. The current pet project is a rare effort of sword n’ sorcery fantasy entitled “Werekynd – Beasts of the Tanglewild,” recently accepted by Jukebox Serials. Funny thing about this is that it isn’t a one-off short, but a monthly instalment of 5,000 word chapters which people (yes, even you!) get to vote on. The serials with the most votes at the end of each month get MONIES as prizes! Rest assured there’ll be a separate post about all this (and, more importantly, how you can help me with it) soon.

Lurking backstage are the Other Writing Plans. I need an entry for Edinburgh University’s Lewis Edwards Memorial contest by January, if only because there’s £1,400 cash prize up for grabs (the “I’m not in this for the money” mantra struggles sometimes, I’ll admit). I also really want to write a third short for my Heavenbloom series being published by Books To Go Now. We’ll see.

So in brief it’s all go. Standby for the next SITREP.



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2 responses to “Paper Vultures – A SITREP (part 2)

  1. Good luck with the competition Robbie.

    I thought of you the other day, funnily enough, when writing my blog. I juxtaposed the Firstminster’s claim to have formed a social contract with the people of Scotland to a Solemn League and Covenant. I thought if you read the post you might appreciate it.

    So, I appreciated the like. Cheers.

    Just out of interest, the motto you mention in your previous blog – Vivis Sperandum – reminded me of some of my favourite sci-fi fiction by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Whenever his characters in the Warriors of Mars series are in such dire straits that suicide seems the only logical way out, they invariably draw upon their reserves and expound: “I still live” or “I still breathe.”

    Excellent motto for everyone really.


    • Thanks Longshanker, you blog continues to be admired by me and many other unionists. I did indeed have a wee smile at the mention of Covenanters, I remembered your interest in them. Keep up the good work!

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