It be fangs and claws for you my ked, should sunfall shroud you here

Here in the UK we don’t do really do “Halloween” like our colonial brothers in the US, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a bit of the macabre now and then. Hell, we Brits practically invented gothic spookiness. So the fact that I’ve got a wee ghost story coming out in World Weaver Press’s Spectre Spectacular anthology today is a nice pre-Halloween touch to my writing (mis)adventures.

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Of my seven published or soon-to-be published shorts five are horrors, varying between slasher and supernatural to good old vampire bashing. Oh yeah, I’m a werewolf kinda guy. I grew up in the Highlands, okay? I can’t not be. We’ve got spooky Gaelic were-tales aplenty up in our heathenish northern lands, the title of this post alone is from a nursery rime. Nursery! No wonder my Halloween costume last year (above) was *awesome.*

My newly published short, Little House at Bull Run Creek, isn’t a hairy-moonlighting-monster type chiller though, just a good old spook spectacular. Set during the American Civil War, it sees a troop of US cavalry cornered by Confederates in an abandoned old house near Bull Run Creek. The odds look grim, but the rebs on the outside aren’t half the problem – what’s still “living” inside could yet undo them all…

So anyway, I’ll be doing a guest post elaborating on my spooky Scottish upbringing over on WWP sometime soon. In the meantime  please excuse both a lack of posts and a lack of any form of wit in the posts that do make it online – I’ve got classes to the left of me, coursework to the right, and I’m stuck in the middle with you. Best hope I don’t undergo the transformation whilst you’re still around…


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