Paper Vultures – A SITREP

I try to post things that I think others will gain something from. You could be forgiven, then, for wondering what anyone will gain from a list of my past publishing credits and current writing endeavours. It’s true that half of this post’s raison d’être is to provide me with an account of where I am and what I’m at as of August 2012, but you can get something from this too. I constantly keep up to date with what my writer friends are working on and who their publishers are. It stands to reason that if those I admire are getting work picked up by a certain press I too will likely want to check said press out and thrown, sorry, pitch, things at them. So, if like me you’re a literary scavenger, a paper vulture, then read on.

My first ever accepted stories Heavenbloom and Heavenfall, were published in eBook format by Books to Go Now a bit over a year ago. They’re currently my only standalone works, and I’m quite fond of them and their steampunky-fantasy-ness (they’re on Amazon, just in the craaazy offchance that you might want to buy them). BTGN accept a lot of clients and you get a healthy slice of the royalties, so if you’ve got a solid fan base/big bunch of friends you can rely on to buy your book you’ve really got nothing to lose!

Static Movement have supposedly published two of my stories in anthologies, The Devil’s Own and After-Class, both horrors. I say supposedly because though I can see one of them in print from where I sit typing, the other seems to have gone off the radar. If it is still in the works I presume it’ll not be hitting Amazon for many months yet. SM don’t pay and, like BTGN, churn stuff out by the library-load, so really they’re only worth going to if you’re just setting your first foot on the authorly ladder and want to get some quick credentials.

As-yet to be published are two more horrors, Golden Seas and The Little House at Bull Run Creek, both accepted by new small presses – Cruentus Libri and World Weaver Press. Despite their fledgling nature both are professional in their dealings and I’m extremely glad to have been picked up by them. They pay royalties and should be hitting shelves within a month’s time. Look ‘em up if you fancy a crack.

On the non-fiction front I’ve had two historical articles accepted by print magazines, Skirmish and Military History Monthly. The pay for the latter alone has been 25 times more than all my works of fiction thus far combined – if you were considering a switch to journalism then now, ladies and gentlemen, is the time. Compared to us fictioneers they positively rake it in.

Novel-wise I have three full works completed, though two are only first draft and wait patiently for the Grand Editing. The third, and largest, I’m currently throwing pitching at agents (check out my post Have you Ever Met your Own Familiar for more on that and yes, if you were wondering, the rejection list is currently four and doubtless growing). The plan for the coming months? Finish a horror short I’m working on for inclusion in a friend’s monster anthology, polish up those novels (I’ll admit, a never-ending process) and keep submitting like mad to literary agencies. Ah AgentQuery, how I do love thee.


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