Funny Looks

I set this up a few months ago because people kept giving me funny looks when I told them I was a writer but I didn’t have a blog. I already get enough funny looks just at the “I’m a writer” bit, so I decided to do what I could to cut down on incredulity. Apparently the fact I’m a writer means I love writing and want to write all the time, so I’ll naturally have a writey writer’s blog full of mundane writerish posts and complaints about editorial deadlines.

Someone, probably one of the incredulous bunch, or maybe that deadline-sadist editor, also mentioned publicity. When the default text beneath the blog’s headline is “just another site” you’ve got to wonder whether “publicity” is the right word – if I amassed all the “I’m a Writer” blog users together I suspect we could form our own hyper-creative, grammatically anal, comma obsessed little country. Being heard above the discordant opus of the blogosphere looks to be a task as daunting as, well, actually getting that novel published.

But I’m not only a budding, tryhard author wannabe, I’m also a student. And I can tell you that the stereotypes are true. I’ve got both a “what the hell, why not” attitude and a lot of spare time. So much time that I’ve actually just written my first blog post. Go me.



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2 responses to “Funny Looks

  1. Go you! Just did the first cut of the audio and something about an angry young man ranting on his WordPress blog caught my ear. Thought I’d find it. 😀
    Needs more angst though.

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